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>>>Summit Forecast for : Fog, High 64/Low 42, Wind 24 mph

sleep among the clouds - literally? Why not book a bunk at the Mount Madahodo Summit Hut!

Perched near the summit at 4,950 feet, the Madahodo Summit Hut offers 40 bunks in four co-ed rooms, full meal service with dinner and breakfast, and a cozy place to kick up your feet after a long day of hiking. Our professional croo staff keeps the place in tip-top shape while providing good food, helpful advice, and a warm smile.

Also, it's a little known fact that Madahodo is almost never at full capacity. Out of luck at Lakes of the Clouds, or Madison Spring? Stop on by Madahodo, where you're sure to find a comfy pillow waiting for you!

Hikers enjoy warm soup and a good read

Please note:

1) We cannot do anything about the unusual noises outside the hut, which are unique to Madahodo; ear plugs are strongly recommended, and can be purchased from the hut store.

2) We cannot do anything about the taste of our fresh water, which comes from Abbey's Lake, a small glacial tarn near the summit. It is 100% safe to drink, but has an unusual taste. We suggest bringing your own water supply if this is an issue.

3) With its near year-round fog cover, Madahodo can be an unpredictable place, and hikers frequently find themselves in dangerous, even deadly situations. However, it is AMFS policy that at no time will a rescue operation be mounted from the Madahodo Hut by either the Croo OR registered guests. Too many good-hearted souls have ventured out into the fog to help a lost or injured hiker, only to find themselves in the exact same predicament. In the event of an emergency, the AMFS Emergency Rescue Team will be notified immediately from the hut to aid in any situations that might arise.

As of September 3, 2012, Madahodo Summit Hut is closed indefinitely due to an ongoing investigation.

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