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>>>Summit Forecast for : Fog, High 64/Low 42, Wind 24 mph

WELCOME to Mount Madahodo, the official "Foggiest Mountain In North America!"

WARNING: Madahodo weather is subject to rapid changes and extreme fog conditions. Always be prepared to make your own assessment of travel and weather conditions. This outlook is one tool to help you plan a safe trip. Always travel with adequate clothing, shelter, food, and water.



54° 20°

Wind: SW at 24mph
Chance of Rain: 20%


48° 32°

Wind: N at 16mph
Chance of Rain: 80%


56° 40°

Wind: SE at 20mph
Chance of Rain: 60%


44° 30°

Wind: SW at 12mph
Chance of Rain: 40%


52° 28°

Wind: W at 22mph
Chance of Rain: 20%

The short answer: no one knows for sure.

Fog forms on a mountain when moist air rising up its windward face cools, resulting in water vapor condensing. Of course, being at the intersection of several major storm systems doesn't help, and explains why nearby Mount Washington is reputed to have the Worst Weather in the World!

But Mount Washington is only under cloud cover for approximately 55% for the year while Madahodo holds an astonishing record of 90%, and the discrepancy is still a mystery. Some scientists have hypothesized that Madahodo actually has "competing" windward faces, while others have suggested its unusual topography is perfectly designed to promote condensation.

But strangest of all is the fact that Madahodo's fogs are only a recent phenomenon. Recently uncovered geological data suggests the intense cloud cover only began appearing in the past few millenia, a baffling discovery for meteorologists and atmospheric scientists.

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